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Honduras may be the next country to legally recognize Bitcoin (BTC) as legal tender, following El Salvador.



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Honduras Will Adopt Bitcoin As Legal Tender In The Coming Days.
Honduras Will Adopt Bitcoin As Legal Tender In The Coming Days.

The country’s President, Xiomara Castro, has allegedly stated that the country should not be the only one “escaping dollar hegemony.”

According to the sources, Castro also stressed Honduras’ right to “move towards the First World,” although the information was still unverified at the time of publishing.

Honduras’ President is expected to make a statement on Monday morning, March 21.

The Central American country has shown a considerable interest in cryptocurrencies in the past. In August 2021, Honduras had previously installed its first Bitcoin and Ethereum ATM in Tegucigalpa, allowing consumers to purchase the digital assets using the native currency lempira.

Notably, on March 18, famous crypto enthusiast Max Keiser, who has been spending time in and around the region, tweeted the Honduran flag, implying that something may be occurring there soon:

Honduras Will Adopt Bitcoin As Legal Tender In The Coming Days.
Source: Twitter MAX

Interestingly, according to CoinMarketCap community voting, Honduras, which borders El Salvador, is only the 40th nation expected to allow bitcoin to be used as legal tender.

The first three countries predicted by users to be the next to do so are Paraguay, Venezuela, and Anguilla, with the United States close behind in fourth place.

Based on the rising interest in cryptocurrency among American politicians, this forecast may not be far off. T his enthusiasm extends from Senators writing crypto-friendly legislation to Senate candidates vowing to fight for Bitcoin’s introduction as legal tender.

El Salvador was the first country in the world to embrace Bitcoin as legal tender, doing so in the autumn of 2021, despite data revealing a widespread lack of faith in this digital asset among its citizens.

At the time of publication, the price of Bitcoin was $41,317, a 5.51% rise over the previous seven days, when it was $39,040.

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