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Alex Jones Makes a Series of Terrifying Predictions Coming to the West




“They [the powers that be] have given us a roadmap. They tell us where they want to take us, Alex Jones told Tucker Carlson on episode 46 of Tucker on X. “And so, when the public wakes up, we push back on some of it, but they always come back.”

Referencing the PNAC (Project for the New American Century) document, which existed before 9/11, Jones said, “They [authors of the document] describe, we really need big terror attacks, we really need Pearl Harbor events to get Americans to give up their rights.”

Jones then related that to the terror attacks in Israel. “Take what just happened in Israel. Totally tragic. My heart goes out to all [who] have been killed or lost loved ones who’ve been injured. But there’s no way that one of the best intelligence agencies in the world didn’t know that was coming. The massive build-up, the 5,000 missiles, the paragliding attacks, all of that. And so, there was clearly a stand-down there. And now, the West will take more of the people’s rights. Israel will be able to crack down and take more of their people’s rights.”

Sleeper Cells

The conversation took a disconcerting turn when Jones mentioned “sleeper cells” that have come across the U.S. border.

A “sleeper cell” refers to a secretive group of operatives who remain in a dormant state until activated to carry out a terrorist attack or espionage mission. They often live seemingly ordinary lives and avoid drawing attention to themselves until they receive orders to act.

“It’s clear that Hezbollah and Hamas have tens of thousands of men and women as sleeper cells that are, quote, ‘other than Mexican,’ that the Border Patrol lists every month, tens of thousands coming across the Texas and Arizona and California sectors,” Jones told Carlson.

“And it’s an easy equation to predict that there’s a wide probability that Hezbollah and Hamas, at some point, are going to attack sports stadiumsThey’re going to attack colleges. They’re going to attack synagogues. They’re going to shoot up mass gatherings if they’re given the order by Iran, if we go to war with Iran,” Jones concluded.

Tributes to the Manchester bombing victims days after the May 2017 attack. Image

“And then when this happens, our government won’t get in trouble for dissolving the border and letting these people come in, just like on 9/11, our government clearly had prior knowledge. There was clearly a major stand-down that went on. And the government got more power, [and] more control. And now they’re not pointing the homeland security apparatus at the Russians like they did in the Cold War or the Islamists after 9/11.”

Clampdown on Ordinary Citizens

Jones mentioned that instead of focusing on actual terrorism, intelligence agencies across the world have weaponized their power to focus on ordinary people, like Christian conservatives, “bitter clingers,” and rural Americans.

And it’s not just America, says Jones. It extends to Europe. “If someone criticizes transgenderism in the UK, they come to their house and arrest them. If a journalist does that, they come to their house and arrest them. If somebody says, I think these surveillance cameras should start getting cut down, they come to their house, and they arrest them for their free speech.”

Jones called this a “global movement by the mega-corporations, by the Blackrocks and the State Streets and the Vanguards that control 80-plus percent of world wealth to control our behavior,” as evidenced by what figures like BlackRock CEO Larry Fink says.

Larry Fink. Image via

“Larry Fink of Blackrock has said that at the Davos group repeatedly, we’re going to use our control over all this finance and this global social credit score we’re rolling out to control people’s behavior.” “So that’s really what this is,” Jones declared. “And then they use the threat of global warming, they use the threat of a virus, they use the threat of radical Islam to take our rights, but we really are the target.”

The full Tucker Carlson interview with Alex Jones is available to watch via the video below:

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