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Elon Musk Grills Robinhood CEO On Trade Restrictions

If Elon Musk can’t help Robinhood then who can?



On Sunday night Elon Musk took over a Clubhouse room to interview the CEO of Robinhood, Vladimir Tenev. Elon was eager to get the full story on why Robinhood was restricting trading on meme stocks.

Elon asked the Clubhouse room, “Do you wanna hear the real story from Vlad about what happened with Robinhood/Gamestop?”

Vladimir (CEO of Robinhood) came out of the audience. Elon said, “spill the beans man. what happened with Gamestop. The people demand answers!”

Listen here:

Unfortunately it’s clear that the CEO of Robinhood was completely obfuscating the details on what was going on with the capital requirements from the NSCC.

This is not going to give reddit/retail users of Robinhood confidence in the future of the company.


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