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FL Governor DeSantis Signed Anti-Vaccine Mandate Bill from a town called Brandon

Thunderous chants of “LET’S GO BRANDON” erupt at Gov. DeSantis’ bill signing to prevent vaccine mandates in Brandon, FL



In the ultimate move to stick it to President Biden, Florida governor DeSantis held a press conference in Brandon, Florida to sign into law a bill passed by the Florida Legislature Wednesday that prohibits businesses from imposing vaccine mandates without an array of exemptions.

“We’re going to be saving a lot of jobs in the state of Florida,” Gov. Ron DeSantis said during a news conference last week. “We’re going to be striking a blow for freedom. We’re going to be standing up against the Biden mandates. And we’re going to be better as a result of it.”

Senate Bill 1 bans private-sector employers from requiring their employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19 unless they allow at least five specific exemptions to the mandate, including for medical and religious reasons and immunity from a prior COVID-19 infection.

Additionally, the bill would allow employees to opt out of vaccine mandates if they agree to be tested regularly, which the worker would not be financially liable for, and if they agree to use employer-provided personal protective equipment.

The bill would also forbid employers in the government and public education sector from mandating COVID-19 vaccines.

The bill was approved during a special session focusing on vaccine mandates.

“Let’s go Brandon” has become a rallying cry to express dissent against Biden. The chant stands for “F*** Joe Biden” and originated from an NBC reporter who misheard the chant during an on-air NASCAR interview with driver Brandon Brown.

Florida’s Gov. DeSantis signing of these bills is a major push back to the the Biden vaccine mandate that has been tied up in litigation.

Watch the Press Conference below:


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