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Hedge fund manager Kyle Bass: Could See Oil Prices North of $100 in 2022

Oil Prices Could go BOOM!



  • Hedge fund manager Kyle Bass said Thursday that oil prices could rise “well north of $100” in 2022 as a lack of investment in the hydrocarbon industry meets a surge in demand as the global economy emerges from COVID restrictions.
  • “I think you should buckle your seatbelts,” the founder and chief investment officer of Hayman Capital Management said. “We’re going to see really high prices very soon.”
  • Bass explained that policies designed to fund the development of green energy sources have pulled capital away from oil development. As a result, the industry will not have enough capacity to keep up with demand as the COVID impact fades.
  • “You can’t just turn off hydrocarbons. It takes 40 or 50 years to switch fuel sources,” he said.
  • “The Fed doesn’t have the stomach for the market to drop. … If the market is down 20%-25%, I think the Fed stops raising rates,” he said.
  • “My personal view is that I don’t think they can raise short rates more than 100-125 basis points before they have to stop,” he added.
  • Bass also contended that the real inflation rate is actually running at 14%-15%, or even higher.



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