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Links Between Hunter Biden and Ukrainian Biolabs Confirmed



Authored by Blueapples via Zerohedge

From the “Ghost of Kiev” to claims that Russia is intending to stage a false nuclear attack, the extreme propaganda spread since the invasion of Ukraine has made any claim worth taking with a gain of salt. Given that, Russia’s claims that the United States had been operating biolabs in Ukraine were met with skepticism as well. However, shortly after these concerns were raised US Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland confirmed the existence of as many as 26 of these types of labs. Now, investigations by the Daily Mail and New York Post have gone even further by substantiating the Russian Federations subsequent claims that Hunter Biden played a key role in securing funding for those biolabs in Ukraine.

An examination of emails found on the laptop of Hunter Biden’s that mainstream media sources obfuscated the existence of confirms that the president’s son’s secured funding for government contractors conducting research at Ukrainian biolabs. Those emails describe how Hunter Biden used his standing as a board member at Burisma to introduce a San Fransisco based pathogen research company named Metabiota to his connections at the Ukrainian gas company. A memo written by Metabiota Vice President Mary Guttieri in 2014 highlighted its assertions that the biologics company could be a vital research to “assert Ukraine’s Cultural and economic independence from Russia.”

Shortly following the memo, Burisma executive Vadym Pozharskyi contacted Hunter Biden regarding his association with the company to explore its potential operations in Ukraine. Metabiota secured $500,000 from Rosemont Seneca Technology Partners, an investment company Russian officials claim has $2.4 billion in capital that was founded by Hunter Biden in 2009.

The connections between Hunter Biden and the Ukrainian biolabs confirmed by US officials were initially claimed by Igor Kirillov, head of the Radiation, Chemical, and Biological Defense Department of the Russian Armed Forces. Kirillov’s assessment of the scope of US-funded biolabs operating in Ukraine found that the Pentagon backed 31 such facilities. Kirillov went on to detail the connections between Biden, Rosemont Seneca, and contracts given to Metabiota to conduct research at the laboratories. Pentagon officials have stated that they have invested over $200 million in Ukraine since 2005 as part of its Biological Threat Reduction Program. The narrative that these biolabs were operating for defensive purposed was echoed by Nuland in her testimony before a US Senate committee hearing held following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine when the existence of the biolabs was first brought to the attention of the public.

Following Kirillov’s presentation on the scope of the US-funded biolabs in Ukraine, Russia’s State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin shed light upon Hunter Biden’s connections to the government contracts that funded them. “US President Joe Biden himself is involved in the creation of biolaboratories in Ukraine. An investment fund run by his sun Hunter Biden funded research and the implementation of the United States’ military biological program. It is obvious that Joe Biden, as his father and the head of state, was aware of that activity,” Volodin stated through his Telegram channel, urging the US Congress to initiate its own investigation into Biden’s involvement. His calls for a US-led inquiry followed the establishment.

Washington initially responded to Russia’s allegations by stating that it was creating a narrative in order to execute a planned false flag operation, a running accusation that the US has made since the time preceding the invasion. Nevertheless, calls from international bodies for those biolabs to destroy the deadly pathogens at their facilities were echoed by the international community, including the likes of the World Health Organization.

Despite the vociferous defense that Russia’s claims implicating Hunter Biden with these biolabs had no basis in reality, the emails cited from his laptop coupled with publicly available data on government contracts prove the connection. According to a report available on the database, Metabiota, Inc. has received $23.9 million in government funding since a federal research and development contract was awarded to it. The multi-million dollar contract awarded to Metabiota was approved in 2014 during the Obama Administration when Hunter Biden’s father served as Vice President and was tasked with leading diplomatic relations with Ukraine in the wake of Russia’s annexation of the Crimean Peninsula. The most recent payment made under the contract was paid in 2017 for a supplemental agreement for work within the scope of the approved research.

The emails exposing Hunter Biden’s connections to Ukrainian biolabs dispel the US position that the premise is just another piece of Kremlin-sponsored propaganda. Nevertheless, the Biden Administration will likely distance itself from this controversy as it has with any issues surrounding Hunter. White House Press Secretary Jenn Psaki has repeatedly refused to comment on anything relating to Hunter Biden, who is under federal investigation for tax fraud, stating that he “is not an employee of the federal government” who she is not privy to make any statements on.

At the very least, these revelations draw more attention back to the contents of the Hunter Biden laptop. Though those have been dismissed since the presidential election cycle of 2020, the legitimacy of the laptop has been proven, further eroding public trust in the mainstream media which denied its very existence. Given the smoking gun the laptop contains on the issue of these Ukrainian laboratories, it’s safe to say that a thorough examination of its contents needs to be ascertained in order to shine light on the broader scope of corruption and criminal activity enveloping the president’s son.

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