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MIT PhD Analysis of Michigan Votes Reveals Wide Spread Fraud In U.S. Voting Systems

If we are still a democracy it is quite right to question these numbers.



Dr. Shiva MIT PhD has conducted a statistical analysis of the voting patterns in four counties in Michigan which he claims show proof of election rigging. We already know of one election in Michigan that had the outcome changed by a software ‘glitch’ in Oakland County which lead to an upset victory Wednesday to a Democrat, only to switch the win back to an incumbent Republican a day later after the poll tapes were counted.

The crux of this ‘glitch’ is every time a Republican threshold was met it would kick in and take Trump votes and transfer them to Biden

This hour long analysis is the BEST evidence of wide spread voter fraud we’ve seen, I highly recommend you take the time when possible to watch and digest. If you can’t watch the video right now here is JPG with highlights from the video.

Michael Burry from the ‘Big Short’ Tweeted:

“According to programmer notes, a weighted race feature was designed which not only gives some votes more weight than others, but does so based on the voter’s identity. “

In counties where hand counting was done, the “red flag” pattern does not appear – something more akin to the “normal” appears. In Wayne County, it appears the algorithm was not applied because the percentage Republican was too low. And it looked more “normal,” according to Shiva.

How additional votes were allocated after 4 AM on November the 4th:

  • Michigan – Biden 1.70 : 1 Trump
  • Wisconsin – Biden 2.65 : 1 Trump
  • Pennsylvania – Biden 3.05 : 1 Trump
  • Georgia – Biden 2.50 : 1 Trump

If we are still a democracy it is quite right to question these numbers.


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