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NASA Claims They Found Trash on Mars

NASA believes they know what it is, but they’re still debating how it got there.



NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover announced a “surprise” find Wednesday, June 15, and shared photos showing what appears to be a square of aluminum foil snagged between rocks.

“My team has spotted something unexpected. It’s a piece of a thermal blanket that they think may have come from my descent stage, the rocket-powered jet pack that set me down on landing day last year,” NASA wrote on Facebook.

“It’s a surprise finding this here because my descent stage crashed about 2 km (1.2 miles) away. Did this piece land here after that, or was it blown here by the wind?”

NASA Perseverance rover’s main objectives on Mars are to collect samples of dirt and rock and so they can be picked up on a future mission to bring back to Earth.


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