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Navy Unveils Next-Generation DDG(X) Warship Concept with Hypersonic Missiles, Lasers



 The US Navy has unveiled its proposed design for a next-generation destroyer-class – DDG(X). The Navy wants the next gen warship deployed with hypersonic missile and laser weapons ten times strong than any current laser weapon according to this detailed outlook.

The design is the largest and most ambitious one for any surface warship that the Navy has proposed in more than two decades, the report acknowledged.

The new vessels will be equipped with combat systems developed from the existing Flight III Arleigh Burke-class missile destroyers that carry SPY-6 air search radar and the Baseline 10 Aegis combat system, the report said.

However, the new ships will replace the old gas-turbine propulsion systems of the Arleigh Burkes for the Integrated Power Systems on the troubled Zumwalt class of guided missile destroyers, the report added.

Ideally, they are supposed to generate up to 50 megawatts of power which is key to generating enough power to energize 600-kilowatt combat lasers and new sensors.

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