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Nikki Haley Roasted In Final GOP Debate



The fourth GOP Republican debate was a bloodbath. Vivek and Gov. DeSantis sharpened their knives and came out on fire. While Haley and Christie were fighting for the moderate/left wing lane they could not keep up with the two front runners behind President Trump.

Vivek: “The Great Replacement Theory is not some grand right-wing conspiracy theory, but a basic statement of the Democratic party’s platform.”

Former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley immediately emerged as the target for her Republican rivals during the fourth primary debate.

Ms. Kelly then asked Ms. Haley about the money she made after leaving her role as UN ambassador, saying that the candidate went from having $100,000 to being “reportedly worth $8 million.”

Why it matters: Haley has been boosted by $250,00 by Democrat mega donor Reid Hoffman.

Driving the news: DeSantis accused Haley of caving “anytime the left comes after her, anytime the media comes after her.”

  • Haley responded to DeSantis’ criticisms by saying that the Florida governor “continues to lie” about her record.
  • Businessman Vivek Ramaswamy, who has sparred with Haley during previous debates, accused Haley of being “corrupt” and called her a “fascist” during the debate hosted by NewsNation.

Haley, the only woman running in the GOP primary, brushed off the criticism from her rivals:

  • “I love all of the attention, fellas. Thank you for that,” she said.

Between the lines: Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Haley’s worked together to paint a lane as the corporate left wing of the Republican party.

  • “If you want to disagree on issues, that’s fine, and Nikki and I disagree on some issues,” Christie said in response to Ramaswamy.
  • “I’ve known her for 12 years … and while we disagree about some issues and we disagree about who should be president of the United States, what we don’t disagree on is, this is a smart, accomplished woman, you should stop insulting her.”

Haley was exposed as corporate military industrial shill. Her corporate big wig donors cannot overcome her clear limitations as a candidate.

Haley also scored money from some prominent Republican donors in recent weeks, including earning the support of the politically powerful network backed by the Koch family.

The big picture: Vivek and DeSantis were the clear winners of the night, but Trump is still the king of the GOP.

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