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Pres Trump: To “Those Crying For Justice & Crying For Help…Help Is On Its Way”



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As of mid July the city of Chicago has seen 2,150 people shot so far in 2020 alone. Violent crime is spiking all across the country as radical groups call for to defund the police.

You can read Trump’s full speech on Operation Legend here.

“We will never defund the police,” the president said. “We will hire more great police. We want to make law enforcement stronger not weaker. What cities are doing is absolute insanity.”

“My vision for America’s cities could not be more different from the lawlessness being pushed by the extreme radical left,” Trump said. “That is why we are here today to answer the pleas of those crying for justice and crying for help. For those people in Chicago and other cities where we’ll be, help is on its way.”

Jack Posobiec reported: “A federal-level source tells @OANN the Trump Administration is considering activating an Oregon National Guard unit to provide security to the Portland federal courthouse under the unlawful obstructions and assemblages exemption of the PCA”

10 U.S.C. § 332 – U.S. Code

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