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The Stop Asian Hate Psyop

Asians are stuck in the middle of a culture clash as the CCP and progressives push the ‘white supremacy’ agenda to serve their own agenda and ideology…



“No one is more hated than he who speaks the truth.”

― Plato

In modern daily life there is a growing

Everywhere you look the American people are self censoring and walking on egg shells.

The left’s inability to discuss serious topics in depth without being triggered is increasingly tearing this country apart. The leftist/democrats today believe in ‘verbal violence’, they will literally call you violent for sharing an opposing idea. How are we suppose to have reasonable conversations with people that are not able to have a rational discussion?

The silencing and self-censorship of free thinkers from the hostile woke establishment apparatus has a very totalitarian vibe. It has created a lot of hostility between males and females between different ethnic groups. The complete willful ignorance of half of the cou


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