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What We Know About Covid-19 and the Vaccine

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Since when does the USA care about your health?



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What we know so far:

  • An experimental ‘vaccine’ has been produced in record time by throwing money at it. Because that’s exactly how bioscience works.
  • The medical experts in charge lied and obfuscated about the drugs Hydroxychloroquine and the MUCH better Ivermectin; they BANNED the sale of such drugs in Western countries, discouraged Drs. from being able to prescribe these off label (lose your license) and even had a factory blow up where Hydroxychloroquine is produced. And now we KNOW WHY: By Federal Law NO DRUG may be fast-tracked if there is already an effective treatment. Ergo, they wanted the fast-track and thus actual effective cures/prophylactics were hidden. People died – this folks is called Murder One and has been committed by ‘your’ government
  • The ‘vaccine’ is admitted to NOT PREVENT you from getting COVID or from transmitting it; it only lessens the symptoms. And btw, all lockdowns or masking or whatever may have to continue. Because that’s how that works.
  • There’s been 30 years of efforts on mRNA vaccine tech but they’ve all failed. Billions invested; none ever got to general human use. Until now. Because they skipped the 7 years of trials that seeks to see if a new vaccine is safe.
  • ‘Your’ government is literally blackmailing you into taking it; do it or you will be a literal prisoner and second-class citizen. Why the heavy hand to prevent just maybe lessen symptoms of a disease that kills next to nobody?
  • The blatant leviathan of the ‘Great Reset’ where they tell you to your face you will own nothing. And you WILL be happy? How will they FORCE you to be happy? Forced drug intake on the daily? Happy classes in front of the video camera in an apartment? (Not your apartment because you own nothing. And the living room of the apartment will be used for meetings when you’re not there. lol, right)
  • At no point in the last 50 years, that’s 2.5 generations, has the US given a good God-damn about your health or your children’s or in fact your welfare or economic betterment. Now they really really do and here’s a ‘vaccine’ for you to take!
  • The endless medical experiments and betrayals by said government of other nations – and of her own people. The false flags, the lies, the actual dead. And by the ‘cockroach rule’ – if we know of a dozen such incidents then there were 500 more that never were revealed or declassified
  • The known eugenics nature of Bill Gates’ relatives. His sick perversion with population reduction, with vaccines, his contacts with Epstein (multiple, including his chief scientist), with Fauci etc. Gates’ being parachuted into the taking over/founding of MicroSoft, and his family’s connected nature indicates his purpose from day one was to co-opt a rising and vital tech company. He’s been an insider, an agent, from day one.
  • The virus allegedly comes from Wuhan, China. Dr. Fauci has FUNDED the very lab that was studying ‘gain of function’ man-made viruses. What are the odds? They’re one in one if it’s all a giant conspiracy to gull the world into giving up their rights and force the taking of a Frankenstein vaccine that does God-knows-what, then the ‘Great Reset.’
  • The man in charge of the Grea Reset is a German that looks like he’s playing the villain in the next Austin Powers movie. Give him a Persian cat and maybe a funny lisp, and he’s in. BTW, who in the F gave him, or Gates, or Dr Mengele – sorry, Dr. Fauci, the right to decide how 4 billion plus people live?
  • The massive election fraud by China Joe and company, his and his son’s known connections to the Red Chinese; the massive and continual revelations of Chinese puppetry behind said electoral fraud (including owning the company that controls Dominion software, the massive Chinese infiltration of US universities, their bribing and blackmailing US politicians – even down to the Mayoral level…) and there’s more to come…

If after knowing 1/2 of the above you’re willing to submit to the ‘vaccine’ I completely encourage you to take it; take seven. Hell, take 33. If this ‘vaccine’ sterilizes you or kills you, it will raise the average global IQ, and open up a lot of good parking spaces.

I personally encourage you to take this mRNA vaccine created by known eugenicists, that Americans were actively murdered to enable it’s ‘Emergency’ production for a common cold that has a 0.0007 chance of killing you. Please, take as many as you can as soon as you can.


  • The WHO editing it’s very definitions in real time to maintain the false narrative. Because definitions that have stood for 100 years are malleable don’t you know?
  • The vaccine is so good for you and so safe that the manufacturers are literally above the law; they cannot be sued if it makes you sterile, kills you, gives you a Joker-esque permanent lopsided smile or turns you into a newt.

Merry Christmas one and all!

  • President of Belarus says they were bribed $940,000,000 to put his country into lockown And the intentional demolition of our very lives continues …



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